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-- A great place for cat lovers to relax and restore!

Cat.Art.Home is a newly opened cat theme restaurant, embodied with 4 lovely store cats attending guests and also a cat-related art craft gallery function. The maker of the store, Sara Lo, is a cat lover and a well-known cat photographer on Facebook. 18 months ago, Sara left work owing to the impact of her father’s death and elder sister’s sickness of a serious stroke.

Through the faith of God and the inspiration influenced by her sister, she picked up the one-eyed digital camera and learned to shoot mostly about cats. With amazing passion and enthusiasm, Sara had kept on shooting her own cats and cats elsewhere  to find the comfort. Sara also engaged herself to intensive Facebook cat lover clubs activities and also volunteer work for street cats adoption fairs and shelter caretaker. Recently Sara has decided to devote her life to host an affectionate space for cat lovers and cat art craft appreciators to enrich life.






さらに、Facebookのcat lover clubsの活動や捨て猫の保護施設でのボランティアにも力を注いでいます。



店外景色1 縮.jpg 


(Below: Sara was interviewed by newspaper “Star News”, reporting about her experience of taking care of cats)

(猫の飼い方について新聞記事"Star News"のインタビューを受けているサラ。)



(Below 3: Sara also wrote for the famous magazine “Cosmopolitan” about her “Cat Stuff” collecting travel experience.)



cosmo 2.jpg

cosmo 3.jpg


Now Sara has a brand new identity as “Cat Mommy” and “Cat Photographer” and she builds a wonderful tea house for cat lovers and cat arty craft lovers.



What is the Magic of Cat.Art.Home: It's perfectly designed for cat lovers!!!

(Below: The low tables and cushions are the unique design among Taiwan’s cat-theme cafés. Sara explains that this is the only way that “people” and “cats” can really be close together. This design has won a lot of cat lovers’ hearts already.)



long店景1 橫切 縮.jpg 


(The lovely house cat – Pair One - “Tuxedo-Twins” Little-Bu on the left, and Lala on the right. Age around 5, both boys, both with shining soft hair, both very amiable. )



(The lovely house cat – Pair Two - “Cow-Twins” Lavender on the left, and Rosemary on the right. Age about 1, brother and sister, both very playful and sweet, totally close to people. )

 阿薰香香趴跳台1 縮.jpg

(The lovely house cat – Pair Three - “Sheer Black” kittens.  Duo-Duo the girl on the left, Hwa-Hwa the boy on the right. Age about 3 months, sister and brother. Both very cute and love to play. )



(Below 3: what you can see happening at Cat.Art.Home. People and Cats are having great fun!!)

人貓同樂 This is Little-Bu in front


拉拉逗貓棒 1.jpg This is Lala playing


小雙貓玩耍1 1.jpg  Rosemary in front and Lavender in back


Below 4: Laverder is being "fished"

阿薰站立1 1.jpg 

阿薰站立2 1.jpg 

阿薰站立3 1.jpg 

阿薰站立4 1.jpg 


Our 4 lovely house cats: from left to right Lavender, Little-Bu, Lala, and Rosemary.


 四貓 2 縮.jpg 




 Facebook account:



Address: No.5, BoAi St., Yonghe City, Taipei County, Taiwan


Business Hour: (Thursday Off)

Weekday 13:30 - 22:30

Weekends 12:00 - 22:30


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