Cat.Art.Home <Healing Tea House>

-- A great place for cat lovers to relax and restore!

Cat.Art.Home is a newly opened cat theme restaurant, embodied with 4 lovely store cats attending guests and also a cat-related art craft gallery function. The maker of the store, Sara Lo, is a cat lover and a well-known cat photographer on Facebook. 18 months ago, Sara left work owing to the impact of her father’s death and elder sister’s sickness of a serious stroke.

Through the faith of God and the inspiration influenced by her sister, she picked up the one-eyed digital camera and learned to shoot mostly about cats. With amazing passion and enthusiasm, Sara had kept on shooting her own cats and cats elsewhere  to find the comfort. Sara also engaged herself to intensive Facebook cat lover clubs activities and also volunteer work for street cats adoption fairs and shelter caretaker. Recently Sara has decided to devote her life to host an affectionate space for cat lovers and cat art craft appreciators to enrich life.

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